An Introduction to Our Dogs

Meet Gus and Whoopi! They are just over a year old now. They are brother and sister from the same litter. We adopted them from the rescue I volunteer with. We started out as fosters for them and then failed miserably. Whoopi is 50 pounds and Gus is a whopping 76 pounds. We've met and played with their mom several times, she is some sort of lab mix and looks very similar to Whoopi. One of their brothers owner's did a DNA test and it came back retriever x shar pei x pit. We definitely see the shar pei characteristics in Gus as he has lots and lots of extra skin and relatively small ears. He also has the blocky pit head. The only characteristic of shar pei that Whoopi has is a curly tail. It rolls up to a complete circle. She is very dainty and looks nothing like a pit to me. Our vet feels strongly that they have two different dads....(which is apparently common amongst strays). Their mom Sofia was found as a stray and taken to a kill shelter where she was discovered to be pregnant. Shortly after she had her puppies and the shelter advocates begged Angels Among Us Pet Rescue to take them, so we did. Chad and I fostered 3 once they were about 7-8 weeks old and weaned from mom.  

They are extremely happy dogs. They love to cuddle and show attention. They are smart and [relatively] obedient. We are totally in love with them!


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