Coosa Valley Equine Center. Part 2

We made it to The University of Georgia vet hospital in the middle of the night, around 2am. [Note: This was early December]. She was so dehydrated that her blood was incredibly thick. The lab machine wasn't even able to recognize it as blood. She was immediately hooked up to IV fluids. More tests confirmed she was going into kidney failure.

Without assigning blame, the doctors indicated there was no way this level of dehydration was possible within 24 hours (since she'd been home from the other clinic).

Upon morning I contact the other clinic (Coosa Valley Equine Center) to receive her full medical records. Her diarrhea had started much earlier in the week. I was never once informed of the diarrhea. I asked if they had run blood work once her diarrhea had started and they said yes. I asked for the results, given that no blood tests showed up on my detailed bill. The blood results given to me were hand written.

I have every.single.reason to believe Coosa Valley Equine Center 100% missed the boat on Olivia's care. The photo, as seen in my post below, shows a significant amount of diarrhea in her tail as she's walking out of their clinic. Upon arriving at UGA she was immediately placed in isolation, as they didn't know the cause of her diarrhea. Her entire stay at Coosa Valley Equine Center she remained in general admission. UGA repeated fecal tests several times to ensure she didn't have contagious diseases, Coosa Valley Equine Center never did this.

My horse will never return to that clinic again. I fear for every horse in that clinic. Not only do I feel the medical care given there is poor, I also feel they severely lack precautions in the spread of contagious diseases. Olivia had a textbook case of colitis that was NEVER recognized by Coosa Valley Equine Center. They were administering high doses of bute and antibiotics to a horse that was just a part of a horrific barn fire. Three for three on causes of colitis. Why they didn't take REAL blood tests is beyond me. Why they didn't give fluids to a horse with raging diarrhea is beyond me. Why they didn't tell me she had diarrhea is beyond me. WHY THEY SENT HER HOME with raging diarrhea is BEYOND ME.

Because of the neglect of Coosa Valley Equine Center, Olivia spent 4 weeks total at the University of Georgia fighting for her life. She survived and recovered from severe dehydration, severe kidney damage that shouldn't have rectified itself, and a prolapsed rectum all from her severe colitis case.

We are now five months into recovery. It has been a long journey of healing but my miracle baby has once again overcome the worst. There were several times the doctors said "a normal horse would be dead right now, but she's fighting so hard we're still having to sedate her." They say you know when a horse stops fighting...and I am so so so glad my baby has never reached that point.

She is a sassy, strong, whole-hearted fighter that is truly on this earth for a purpose.
Isolation at UGA. She had ice on for 24/7 for 4-5 days

Before she went off hay permanently 

One of my many visits 


  1. Oh my god! Olivia has been a fighter from Day 1. What an ordeal! A friend of mine just lost her horse to colitis (prolapsed rectum as well). It takes them down so quickly. Olivia is a major fighter to have not only survived that, but the fire and neglect from the original clinic as well. She is one amazing horse with an amazing owner!

  2. That's just terrifying. So glad she came through and I don't think I can handle knowing what the vet bill for that stay was.

    1. It's better you not know ;)... her insurance expired the week of my wedding too...cue cries from my wallet.

  3. This is just BEYOND any level of my comprehension. I've read the last two posts and I just keep going "WTF?!" The fact that they would insist on changing a horses diet, one that had just be through a major, stressful trauma, and then pass off severe diarrhea as nothing is just unbelievable. Colitis can be missed, because symptoms often come on suddenly, but it sounds like she was having symptoms while in there care. That is scary stuff...I'm glad that she ended up at UGACVM and that she's doing well these days! So so sorry you both had to go through that nightmare!

  4. I'm with Mare...I cant even imagine this. She and you are fighters! I am so relieved she got to UGA, got the care and is now well on her way to getting all better. Truly unbelievable Ashley. Your poor wallet, but honestly, we do whatever it takes to do what's right for our babies!

  5. Wow! I honestly have never heard of colitis in horses, but I'm going to look it up. I am curious to know if you ever filed a complaint with Coosa or if you did anything (not that you probably wanted to ever speak or deal with them again) about what happened, did they offer any kind of apology or at the least, not charge you for her stay there? I mean, how terribly scary! It's almost like you want to hear what they say to to defend themselves because it's almost unimaginable that they could be so negligent, but then again it doesn't change anything, except for future clients who might consider having their horse cared for there- something needs to change and a lesson for them needs to be learned! I'm so glad your baby is better!


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