About Olivia

Olivia is truly my miracle from God.

Olivia was born on February 13, 2012 at 12:30 in the afternoon.  She was born premature at day 314 of gestation.  Ella, her mom, had placentitis, which is an infection of the placenta that had been diagnosed approximately a week before delivery. That entire week Ella was treated heavily but it did not stop the premature delivery.

Both myself and Lindsay were present for the birth. It happened very quickly and Lindsay pulled her right out after breaking the placenta herself. Mom and baby laid for awhile with the umbilical cord still attached. It broke on its own.

The vet arrived approximately 30 or 40 minutes after the delivery and quickly diagnosed her as having Dummy Foal Syndrome.  She was considered septic because she had come out of an infected placenta. She was given antibiotics immediately and we quickly rushed her & mom to The University of Georgia Vet School.

The first week of Olivia's life was horrible to watch.  As most Dummy Foals do, she slipped into her "coma-like" state within 12 hours and was lifeless for many days.  She basically could not regulate any bodily functions without the aid of medications and different life supports.  She was fed and medicated intravenously. Her mothers milk dried up from being away from the baby so she was sent home.  Olivia was now considered an orphan foal.

At 6 days old Olivia's bladder ruptured and she had an emergency surgery to fix the rupture site and remove the umbilicus.

After getting through the first week of life, Olivia started to make great improvements.

Today (March 2, 2012) at almost 3 weeks old she is almost off all antibiotics, her joints are almost fully developed, and she drinks milk replacer from a pan on her own every 6 hours.

Each day I thank the Lord for allowing me to have another day with her.  To Him be the glory!